We cater to businesses of all shapes and sizes!

Customised retail till systems for a wide range of businesses, including grocery stores, pharmacies, textile shops, convenience stores, hardware stores, bookshops, shoe shops and more


Inventory Management

All the necessary tools to manage your inventory, from demand forecasting to managing stock, right within the EPOS system

Stock Control

Always be updated about how much stock you have, their movement and demand in real time with ease

Loyalty Program

Encourage repeat purchases among your customers and provide exclusive deals and discounts to your most loyal customers.

Easy Refunds

Give your customers refunds with or without an invoice, in the form of cash returns, exchanges or loyalty points


Built-in report generation tools along with real-time reporting, providing you the ability to take accurate, data-driven decisions

Payment Processing

EMV and PCI compliant payment terminals with zero long term contracts, to give a smooth experience for your customers

Offline Access
Built-In Reports
24/7 Technical Support
Multilocation Support
No Hidden Fees

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